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Lease and financing packages available with turn-key package.

Barkow glass carriers are mounted approximately 18″ from the ground which makes it easier to load and unload glass. This increases productivity while reducing breakage and employee injuries.

Glass Carrier Specifications

  • All-Welded Construction
  • Driver and/or Passenger Side Exterior Glass Carriers, 86″ Useable Height Standard
  • 4 STAKE-LOC® Self-Locking Stakes with BARKLEATS and Hardware per Side
  • 1½” Square Tubular Construction
  • “B” Horizontal Loadholding Slats with “B” Slot at Front and Rear of Rack
  • Barpads® Glass Cushions on 8″ Centers
  • Neoprene Baseplate Pads on 12″ Centers with 5″ Useable Ledgeboard
  • Front Load Stop
  • Double Row of Stake Slots on 12″ Centers
  • 24″ Lower Panel to Protect Glass from Road Debris
  • Options available
    • Upper sign panels
    • 30″ Manual Extension (Aluminum)
    • 30″ Gear and Rack Extension (High Tensile Steel or Stainless Steel)
    • Roof Rack
    • Next Ledge Upper Ledgeboard

Glass Carriers for vans are available in the following materials:

  • Aluminum – Polished finish.
  • Stainless Steel – Lighter and stronger than steel. It is three times stronger than aluminum and requires minimum maintenance. Polished Finish.
  • High Tensile Steel – Primed and finish painted in bright white or the color of your choice at an additional charge.
Vanracks image.

Van Rack: 610H-A on Ford Transit

Barkow Van Rack, 609H-A on Nissan NV

Van Rack: 609H-A on Nissan NV

Barkow Van Rack, 609H-A on Nissan NV

Van Rack: 609H-A on Nissan NV

Glass Carrier Dimensions High-Tensile Steel Model All Aluminum Model All Stainless Steel Model
72″ x 72″ 606 606-A 606-S
72″ x 86″ 606 606-A 606-S
84″ x 72″ 607L 607L-A 607L-S
84″ x 86″ 607H 607H-A 607H-S
96″ x 72″ 608L 608L-A 608L-S
96″ x 86″ 608H 608H-A 608H-S
108″ x 72″ 609L 609L-A 609L-S
108″ x 86″ 609H 609H-A 609H-S
108″ x 96″ 609EH 609EH-A 609EH-S
120″ x 72″ 610L 610L-A 610L-S
120″ x 86″ 610H 610H-A 610H-S
120″ x 96″ 610EH 610EH-A 610EH-S
144″ x 86″ 612H 612H-A 612H-S
144″ x 96″ 612EH 612EH-A 612EH-S
Custom Sizes Available

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