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Barkow Redesigns Loadstop for Aerodynamics

F. Barkow Inc. of Milwaukee has redesigned its front loadstop for their 12 – 16′ P-Model glazing bodies. The new “Aerostop” has been improved for stability and aerodynamics. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the Aerostop may also improve fuel efficiency on vehicles that are operated on major highways, rather than those primarily engaged in city driving.

The Aerostop is triangular in shape, versus the conventional flat design, and is mounted on the front edge of the ledgeboard. The new design will provide less wind resistance and improves the overall aerodynamics of the loadstop. This will be installed whenever possible.

F. Barkow President John Weise said, “The Barkow Aerostop is a value-added piece. We will not be charging extra for the time or materials necessary to build this improved product; we just want to do our part to address our customers’ need for greater aerodynamics and enhanced operational efficiency.”

Founded in 1879 in Milwaukee, F. Barkow Inc. is the premier name in the glass handling business, with a full line of glass carriers, from van and pickup carriers, to large transports, and everything in between.

For more information, contact F. Barkow at (800) 558-5580.

Barkow Aerostop image 1.

Conventional Loadstop Design

Barkow Aerostop image 2.

New Aerostop for P-Models