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Price: $295 per pair


The truck industry has reduced the gauge of the steel and, therefore, the strength of the box walls on all pickup trucks. Some glass suppliers who install our 700 series glass racks on their trucks have experienced a spreading of the rear of the box opening. This resulted in the tailgate coming open or not latching at all. We have no control over the cost-cutting measures being used by the truck industry, but we have developed an assembly that can help reduce this problem.

This product has been designed to maximize usable floor space. With proper installation, it will not protrude any farther than the wheel wells.

Contents of Kit

  • (2) pickup Box Stabilizer -12ga stainless steel
  • (2) pickup Box Stabilizer Pads-12ga stainless steel
  • (10) 3/8″ -16 x 1-1/2″ SS HHD Bolts
  • (10) 3/8″ -16 SS Nuts
  • (20) 3/8″ SS Flat Washers
  • (10) 3/8″ SS Lock Washers
  • 1″ x 1″ X 6″ Long Rubber Spacer

Note: If the glass rack was installed and used prior to the installation of the pickup Box Stabilizer, make sure the tailgate closes properly, and that the spacing between the box and the tailgate is the original spacing. Walls may have to be restrained until the Stabilizer unit is firmly in place. All holes are to be drilled with a 25/64″ carbide drill bit. The drill should be operated at a low RPM (1000-1200 RPM), and the bit should be lubricated with drill or tap oil.

Installation Procedure: (Refer to Diagram)

  1. Facing the rear of the truck, locate the A-Frame of the glass rack that is closest to the rear of the pickup box. (For ease of installation you may want to remove the tailgate.) Refer to sketch for balance of mounting.
  2. Set the Stabilizer in the rear of the pickup box on each side of the tailgate opening. On some truck models you will be able to center the Stabilizer on the vertical A frame of the rack (#1 on diagram); on other models it will be forward, toward the cab (#2 on diagram).
  3. Position the Stabilizer (#3 on diagram) so the base is flush with the pickup box floor and the top is in contact with the side of the box. Mark the 3 holes in the base, remove Stabilizer and drill holes using a 25/64″ drill bit.
  4. Reposition the Stabilizer over the holes and insert bolts with flat washers. Position the Stabilizer Pad under the box on the bolts and assemble flat washers, lock washers and nuts. Tighten bolts making sure top of Stabilizer is in full contact with the box.
  5. Drill holes (25/64″) in the top of the Stabilizer as shown in diagram, #1 or #2. The holes go through the Stabilizer, the black rubber spacer, and the mount rail of the glass rack.
  6. Insert bolts with flat washers through these holes, and assemble the flat washer, lock washer and nut. Make sure bottom bolts are tight before tightening top bolts.
  7. Do not over-tighten the top bolts.
  8. Repeat for the Stabilizer on the other side of the box.
Barkow 700 series pickup box image 3.
700 Series Pickup Box Image.