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If your Glass/Stone carrier is painted, allow the finish to cure for a minimum of 30 days before washing with a pressure type washer. However, you can hand wash and letter your glass/stone carrier after 72 hours.

You should touch up nicks, dents and scratches in paint as soon as they occur. We encourage you to caulk all seams of Glass/Stone Carrier with a suitable caulk. This will decrease water entrapment behind the seams.

As another preventative measure, grease behind all the seams on a monthly basis. Wash and wax your Glass/Stone carrier as you would your own car.

Barkow Aluminum Glass/Stone Carriers have a polished finish. If you have an Aluminum Glass/Stone Carrier, it can be safely cleaned with 3M Cleaner/Polisher. It is safe for cleaning and polishing Stainless Steel, Chrome, Architectural Aluminum and laminated plastic surfaces. It is available from Grainger Industrial Supply at

Do Not Overload Your Vehicle

Consult your vehicle guidelines to find out your gross vehicle weight rating. Keep the weight on your Glass/Stone carriers evenly distributed
and load product so it is against the load stops provided.

Check All Mounting Bolts Twice Per Month for Tightness

Grease and lube all bolts and nuts monthly. Do not attempt to put Barkleats directly onto mirror backs, due to grit build up on the surface, scratches could occur.

Replace lights on your Glass/Stone carrier as necessary.

Do Not Use Pliers to Tighten Wing Nuts. Do Not Over Tighten

All Barkow exterior Glass/Stone carriers are now equipped with Stake-Loc self-locking stakes. The stakes go into the stake slots in the usual manner. To remove the stakes, push the stake to the left and pull upward.

Use belt straps in conjunction with stakes whenever possible.

Never swing or jump down from your Glass/Stone carrier, the crossbars or any other part of the carrier. Always use common sense when loading and unloading, as well as when operating your equipment. ALWAYS THINK SAFETY FIRST! Extra “CAUTION” should be taken when raising or lowering extension racks!


The Metal Carrier is designed for 500 lbs. total capacity when evenly distributed.

Special Maintenance for Stainless Steel Glass/Stone Carriers

Wash your Glass/Stone Carrier weekly to prevent a build-up of grime; rinse clean and dry. You may wish to protect and enhance your Glass/Stone Carrier further by applying a Stainless Steel cleaner/polish. You can purchase this product from F. Barkow or at a local hardware store. Once a year, wash your Glass/Stone Carrier using a Scotch Brite scuff pad. For stubborn grime, it may be necessary to use a scuff pad with acetone or alcohol (available in hardware stores). After rinsing and drying, apply the Stainless Steel cleaner/polish and your Glass/Stone Carrier will look as new as the day you purchased it.