F. Barkow, Inc.


Glass Carriers Pickup Trucks (700 Series)

Glass Carrier Specifications:

  • All-Welded Construction
  • Driver and/or Passenger Side Exterior Glass Carriers, 86" Useable Height Most Common
  • 6 STAKE-LOC® Self-Locking Stakes with BARKLEATS and Hardware
  • 1½" Square Tubular Construction
  • "B" Horizontal Loadholding Slats
  • Barpads® Glass Cushions on 8" Centers
  • Neoprene Baseplate Pads on 12" Centers with 5" Useable Ledgeboards
  • Front Load Stops
  • Double Row of Stake Slots on 12" Centers
  • 24" Lower Splash Panel to Protect Glass from Road Debris
  • 700 Series Pickup Box Stabilizer
  • Safety Feature Cut-Outs for Rear Lights on 9' Long Glass Carriers
  • All Necessary Lights and Reflectors
  • Options Available
    • Upper Sign Panels
    • Removable Wheelhouse Pan Covers
    • Cantilevered or Goal Post Metal Carrier
    • Next Ledge Removable Upper Ledgeboards
    • 30" Manual Extension (Aluminum)
    • 30" Gear and Rack Extension (High Tensile Steel or Stainless Steel)

Glass Carriers for Pickups are available in the following materials:

Aluminum – Polished Finish

Stainless Steel is lighter and stronger than steel. It is three times stronger than aluminum and requires minimum maintenance. Polished Finish.

High Tensile Steel – Primed and Finish Painted in Bright White or the Color of Your Choice

All Barkow Glass Racks are Fully Welded

Crated for shipment or installed at our facility for a nominal fee.

Lease and Financing Packages Available with Turn-key Package.

Glass Carrier Dimensions High-Tensile Steel Model All Aluminum Model All Stainless Steel Model
72" x 72" MINI 706 MINI 706-A MINI 706-S
84" x 72" MINI 707 MINI 707-A MINI 707-S
72" x 86" 706 706-A 706-S
84" x 86" 707 707-A 707-S
96" x 86" 708 708-A 708-S
108" x 86" 709 709-A 709-S
108" x 96" 709EH 709EH-A 709EH-S
120" x 86" 710 710-A 710-S
120" x 96" 710EH N/A 710EH-S
Custom Sizes Available


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