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Hank Groves and John Weise.
Hank Groves (left) and John Weise.

F. Barkow Named Distributor of Groves Products

PRESS RELEASE September 1, 2005
Contact: John Weise at F. Barkow, (800) 558 5580

Groves, Inc. of McHenry, IL announced today that they have named F. Barkow Inc. of Milwaukee, WI as a distributor of Groves Glass and Stone Handling Equipment.

Barkow has recently published an eight-page brochure of the Groves items they will be handling, which includes transport racks, truck mount a-frames, multi-purpose glass storage systems, bundle racks, heavy-duty shop carts, fabrication tables, tilt table carts, glass and stone dollies, buggy buddies and econo a-frames. Barkow will also be able to sell anything in the Groves line, but will initially focus on the above-mentioned products.

Hank Groves, President of Groves, Inc., said, "We think teaming up with Barkow is going to be a natural fit for both companies. Many of the Barkow customers need the products in the Groves line, and they will now have a 'one-stop shopping' option."

John Weise, President of F. Barkow Inc., adds, "While we will continue to manufacture all of the items we have in the past, we can now provide even better service to our glass and stone customers. The Groves products will be a great enhancement to the Barkow product line."

Groves Incorporated has been in the glass industry since 1960. They are the industry leaders in the glass handling and storage systems. Groves Incorporated is committed to providing the best products at the most cost efficient prices.

Founded in 1879, F. Barkow Inc. is the oldest manufacturer of glass and stone carriers in the country, and is in its fifth generation of family ownership.

For more information, contact John Weise at F. Barkow at (800) 558 5580.

You can download a copy of the new Barkow Glass and Stone Handling Equipment brochure, or to have a brochure mailed to you please call (800) 558-5580.