F. Barkow, Inc.


A 139 Year Tradition of Quality, Innovation and Service

Barkow and the Glass Industry – A Partnership in Progress

1879 – Barkow began manufacturing high-quality horse-drawn commercial wagons in Milwaukee. Herman Barkow had learned the wagon-making trade at the Krupp Works in Germany.

1910 – With the introduction of motor-driven trucks, Barkow pioneered the development of specialized truck bodies in the Milwaukee area.

1923 – Barkow introduced the first of its innovative vertical glass carriers to carry flat glass on truck cabs/chassis. These bodies were originally made of quality woods—primarily basswood, ash and oak.

1947 – After World War II, Barkow phased out wooden glass carrier bodies and introduced more durable high-tensile steel construction.

1950's – Barkow developed the unique glass handling system of supporting flat glass with patented rubber Barpads® and Barkleats® for more secure handling of glass.

1960/70's – Energy concerns brought about the boom in insulated glass, and the need for glass transport systems capable of handling glass with greater thickness. Outside glass carrier ledgeboards grew from 2-1/2" to 3-1/2" to 5" wide, as legal truck width limitations increased.

1980's – Barkow introduced glass carriers for pick up trucks and vans made of high-strength, light weight aluminum material.

1996 – The first company in the U.S. to manufacture Stainless Steel Glass Carriers.

1997 – Introduced and patented STAKE-LOC self-locking stakes for glass carriers.

1998 – Introduced the Enclosed Glass Carrier Truck "THE WORKHORSE."

2000's and beyond – Today Barkow offers complete glass handling systems to move flat glass from the end of your production line to the end-user with a minimum of handling and labor costs.

1923 Dodge glazing truck

A 1923 Dodge glazing truck with one of the original Barkow wooden glass carrier bodies. Lurie Industries, Inc.

1989 Aluminum Glass Carrier on 1950 Ford F1 pickup.

Refurbished 1989 Aluminum Glass Carrier on 1950 Ford F1 pickup.

Refurbished 1989 aluminum glass carrier on 1950 Ford F1 pickup.