F. Barkow, Inc.


Q: How much weight will one aluminum van rack hold?
A: We conservatively recommend our customers not exceed 1,000lbs per side. We are also aware that our stone customers want to avoid multiple trips whenever possible, so please be cautious.

Q: How much weight does one large slab weigh?
A: Our customers tell us that 700-800lbs is a typical slab.

Q: How many pieces of stone will fit on a Barkow rack?
A: The 5 useable ledgeboard will allow a maximum of (4) 3cm or (4) 1-1/4 pieces of stone.

Q: Is the Barkow system safe? Will the racks come off my vehicle from the weight of the stone?
A: When installed properly and checked periodically, the Barkow stone carriers have proven to provide many years of safe stone transportation. The van racks are bolted on in three locations, and the pick up racks come with 700 Series Stabiliziers designed to provide additional strength.

Q: Do I need to install stone carriers on both sides of my cargo van?
A: We do recommend balancing the load whenever possible, but we do and will sell just one side. If you are only delivering one large island, for example, it is important to drive conscientously.

Q: Does Barkow make racks for a Sprinter Cargo Van?
A: Yes. Check out our Gallery page on this website and click on Sprinters, where you will see several examples. Our stone carrier prices do not vary based on the vehicle they are going on, however, they may mount differently on different vehicles.

Q: Why is a Barkow stone carrier a better idea than using the inside of a box truck?
A: Primarily because Barkow racks mount approximately 18 from the ground on the exterior of the truck. This means less handling of the stone and fewer employee injuries. Just take the stone off of the exterior rack, set it on the dolly and away you go!

Q: What size van does Barkow recommend? Gas or Diesel?
A: We encourage a 1-ton cargo van; the additional cost over a ¾ ton van is nominal. The 1-ton van will give you a beefier suspension system and better brakes. If you already own a ¾ ton or even a ½ ton van, you should be able to have a local spring shop install additional leaf springs for less than $500.00. A V8 gas engine should give you all the power you need. Buying a diesel engine will add approximately $5,000, but the diesel engine will last much longer than the gas engine, and gets better mileage per gallon.

Q: How long has Barkow been selling to the stone industry?
A: Since approximately 1985. F. Barkow Inc. was founded in 1879, when we began manufacturing horse drawn wagons for the glass industry. We primarily manufacture carriers and bodies for the glazing industry, but that same technology has been successfully applied to stone transportation.

Q: Do you have references I can speak to?
A: Yes. Just tell us where you are and what Barkow product you are considering and we will provide some names and phone numbers of people in your area of the country using that product.